© 2009 Midnight Island Music

Let us idle in the vineyards and trample out the hours
Drinking deeply of the nectar from our pleasure's sweetest flowers
Above the underscoring of the music of the spheres
The old sublime serenity ineffably appears
That everything disposes towards the greatest good for all
Is held by the philosophers incontrovertible
There may be some among you wondering how I got this far
Blame a lifetime spent in error re: the way things really are
I've been blind to the truth, blind to the truth
Walking in lightness all the days of my youth
A man without gin doesn't need less vermouth
I've been stumbling blind to the truth

The world is a galley I've just come aboard
The rigging is singing an Æolian chord
And if the wind falters the men below pull
Their glass may be empty, but mine is half full
What beautiful clothing! The price makes me smile.
Aren't children delightful?  - At least for a while
There are those who suppose - but who cares what they think?
How profound that your running shoe matches my drink

I'm filled with dismay that the girls in my dreams
Incessantly murmur  "Life is not what it seems"
No matter how solid, they never agree
How important it is to seem liquid to me
Not entirely clear where my former friends went
Pretty sure there's not room for them all in the gents
Fabulous vintages left on the shelf
You need one from the bar, you'd best get it yourself