Even Though

© 2007 Midnight Island Music

The kids are happy you can see it in their faces
They're stopping traffic with the beauty of their groove
They're young and certain that the deck is filled with aces
The house has guaranteed they'll see the odds improve
I guess that everybody wants to play that hand 
And everybody has it planned
Even though we all know people go

They fill the night with all the bliss that they can borrow
Collapse with laughter as they finally fall apart
They pack their bags and catch a train towards tomorrow
And neither one can even wait for it to start
I guess that everybody longs to wear that style
And everybody tries to smile
Even though we all know people go

The tree that blossomed in the spring was like a meadow
The petals swept across the sun like eiderdown
There's nothing left but even nothing casts a shadow
It's just the cost of doing business in this town
I guess that everybody works to close that deal  
And everybody dreams it's real
Even though we all know people go

I think we all agree that no-one likes a show-off
We're at our best when milling aimlessly around
I don't remember being told the gun would go off
Before the lines were painted on this rocky ground
I guess that everybody has to run that race
And everybody hopes to place
Even though we all know people go