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About Another Street


Another Street contains thirteen Meanwell songs, including new performances of The Fiddler Never Gets The Girls, Keeping Accounts, and Snowbound (all from Short Turn's playlist); and The Words That I Want, first recorded on Quartetto Gelato's Neapolitan Café. Five songs were written especially for this project, including Fish Don't Feel and the song of an effective man, It'll Be A Breeze. George has been inspired over the years by the usual luminaries, and his vocal style has been characterized somewhat ambiguously as "Perry Como sings Hank Williams".

Another Street was recorded at Inception Sound in Toronto. The other musicians involved in the project are, from Peterborough, Clifford Maynes (electric guitar, mandolin), Rob Phillips (piano, organ), Richard Simpkins (acoustic bass); and, from Toronto, Joe Macerollo (accordion), Kirk Elliott (violin), Roly Platt (harmonica), John Johnson (saxophones), and Brian Barlow (percussion). Chad Irschick (The Rankin Family, Susan Aglukark) produced.