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About Late


Late grew out of my wife's suggestion that I should get an electric bass player. I knew Chad Irschick was an electric bass player as well as the most musical recording engineer and producer I know. The rest is history.
No, actually then I was talking to Rick Whitelaw in the context of a show at the Princess of Wales that I was playing cello in and he said he was so busy as a contractor that people had forgotten that he played guitar (in the past, with Sylvia Tyson, Nancy White, Colleen Peterson, people like that) and I said: "well, why don't you play with Chad and me?"
So that was good, and then I said to Chad: "We need a drummer as good as you guys" and Chad said: "I know just the guy - Dave MacDougall."
So we rehearsed all these tunes that I'd written recently, and played out a bit, and then when it came time to do a CD, Chad said: "We should get Ray Parker in to play keyboards - he's a phenomenal player." So we did that, and then the day that my wife came out to take pictures of the band for the CD was one of the days that Ray was out, so of course he had to be in the band, too.
These guys invested a huge amount of time. I'm lucky.
After all the tracks were recorded, we added some other great players - Joe Macerollo (accordion), Clifford Maynes (guitar and mandolin - I've known this guy since 1970, but that's another web page), Stephanie Martin (vocals), John Johnson, (saxophones), Brian Barlow (percussion), and Don Reed (fiddle). I also asked a fantastic cello quartet called Lush made up of four friends of mine, Wendy Solomon, Amy Laing, Orly Bitov and Jill Vitols, to play on the title track.
Michael Haas and Dave Hermiston from Inception Sound helped out with the recording and mastering, and Chad took infinite pains throughout the entire process, offering suggestions and solutions that guaranteed the success of the project.
Roly Platt - a great harmonica player in his own right - see Another Street - did a fab job with the package, and now it's ready for you. I hope you like it. A shout out to all these great musicians.