© Midnight Island Music

I have to say you gotta love the language
Like running water, refuge and escape
Imagination floats above the wreckage
That bends the strongest sentence out of shape
A simple phrase can manage easy living
But falls apart in insufficient light  
The darkened room advances unforgiving
On whispered friendship whistling in the night
In poetry you put the strong word second
A thing I learned from Alexander Pope
The job is always tougher than you reckoned
Despair at first must triumph over hope
You know yourself, you don't need me to tell you
There is no making sense of this at all
The fact you learned to spell is nice but doesn't help you
In writing random numbers on a wall
I have a book with all the rules of grammar
It's getting old, the pages stained and curled
The next time something comes and hits you like a hammer
Feel free to try your best to parse the world.