© 2006 Midnight Island Music

Magic is as magic does
It's just the same it ever was
Everyone will stand and cheer
If you can make things disappear
There's nothing new beneath the sun
The trick is knowing how it's done
Dropped through a trap or pushed offstage
In the flies or in a cage
Still here

I want to see the recipes
For separating sand and oil
Take the mixture off the boil
And cool it down to swamp and trees
The old effects were pretty good 
The burning bush went on and on
Seems to me those days are gone
Nothing left but blackened wood

Landscapes lit by orange gels 
Another nervous volunteer
The rabbit sits transfixed with fear
In a box of empty spells
Smoke and mirrors line of sight
The big illusions mounted twice
Men with airplanes and dry ice
Flying memory through the night