© 2009 Midnight Island Music

A station by a railroad track 
A train that's never coming back
I hold a ticket in my hand
A porter or an engineer
Would ask why I was waiting here
Among the wrappers, rust and sand

The line rolls up before me like a hedgehog in the sun  
It disappears across the years
Alone like everyone

The wires are humming in the wind
And I know how the words fit in 
A thousand songs with one refrain
I used to lean between the cars
The shadows flickering with the stars
The signals ringing in the rain

It's true sometimes I wonder was I ever on that train
But even then I try again
To hear the rails complain

The world is full, but so's my heart
And I can't tell the two apart
I'm out here where the platform ends
I'm waiting here for you