All His World

© Midnight Island Music

I knew he loved you long before that night I drove you home
His pictures of you hung on every tree
But the times I've seen you with him you were never more alone
And he's with you now as much as he can be
You must have seen him sinking
It was you put out to sea
But no drowning man will help you
When you struggle to get free

As a child I hated circuses I don't like to see him here
He has your special ringside seat reserved
He can make you lose your memory, he can make you disappear
When the lights come up you're shaken and unnerved
But you always let yourself believe him
When he says that love makes him this hard
Do you think he will ever be far away
When all his world is your yard

You say that if you left him he would shatter
And you couldn't let him die like that
But is there nothing in yourself that matters
Can't you see how far from whole he makes you

Can you love him when your days are strained and cracking like a whip
Is it refuge that you find in his anger
Must you be the lifeboat chained to his sinking ship
I wonder is it you or him is stranger
How bad must it be for you to leave him
How badly must you be scarred
You know he will never be far away
When all his world is your yard